Toward our
Second Century

Building community

Duke will build a renewed campus community that promotes growth among our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

We will invest in improved residential experiences for students and improve well-being for all community members. This will be a healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive environment for all of us – faculty, students, and staff – who call Duke home.

Renewed campus life


Duke’s renewed living and learning model is designed to deliver on our long standing promise of providing a transformative undergraduate education by extending the best of Duke’s living and learning experiences to all our students. QuadEx will establish an enduring community structure and foundation through which students will have greater opportunity to connect to one another and to the many resources Duke has to offer throughout their four years.

Racial Equity at Duke

Duke is engaging in a comprehensive effort to marshal our institutional resources and missions toward eradicating racism and building a more inclusive future. This work is being incorporated into all we do, including our strategy, programming, operations and fundraising, and which represents an important step in our march toward justice.

Toward our Second Century