Toward our
Second Century

Engaging our networks

Duke will engage a global network of alumni and friends.

We will invest in developing next-generation engagement platforms to extend and deepen all aspects of university life, creating a robust, global, continually evolving human-development cooperative. We will offer our alumni new opportunities for continuing education; we should also see them as a deep reservoir of talent, drive and experience that we can draw upon to advance our educational, research, and service missions.

The global network

Duke Women’s Weekend

Last year’s Duke Women’s Weekend brought 600 alumnae, faculty, staff, and current students together for networking, professional development, and active learning on Duke’s campus. Each of the 140 students who participated were paired with alumnae mentors for the weekend to help them navigate the weekend’s experiences and opportunities and get personal and professional advice. And for those alumnae who are unable to make it to campus, the Duke Alumni Association hosts Women’s Forum events in cities around the world.

Karsh Alumni and Visitors Center under construction, at dusk. Workers lamps left on lend a nice warm glow to the wood arches and beams of the growing interior..
a blue button emblazoned with 'Forever Duke'

The Karsh Alumni and Visitors Center

The new Karsh Alumni and Visitors Center rises at the entrance to campus along Chapel Drive. This building will be the hub of the Duke Alumni Association’s activity on our campus, the epicenter of a newly empowered network of alumni. We have the potential for our alumni at Duke to become our 11th school with new opportunities for continuing education, engagement, mentorship, and service missions.

Toward our Second Century