The president has charged several university committees with engaging the campus community and providing strategic counsel. Members of these committees include faculty, students, staff, alumni, and trustees, appointed by the president for limited terms.

The Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility is a university body advisory to the President with the following functions:

  • To serve as a forum for members of the Duke community to bring forward issues of societal concern related to the investment of the university’s assets;
  • To create opportunities for members of the Duke community to debate, discuss, and learn about issues brought forward to the committee, so the committee can determine if any recommendations to the president are required;
  • To advise the executive vice president on proxy votes on the direct investments held by DUMAC, Inc.;
  • In rare cases, to advise the president on issues of investment divestment; and
  • To make public the substance of its discussions and any actions in a timely manner.


Emma Raisel (Economics), Chair, 2024
Lisa Campbell (Nicholas School), 2026
John de Figueiredo (Law School), 2026
David Robinson (Fuqua School), 2026
Patrick Smith (Divinity School), 2024


Student representatives
Ally Hargrove, GPSG Representative, 2024
Brien Brennan, DSG Representative, 2024
Mick Tobin, DSG Representative, 2024
TBA , GPSG Representative, 2024

Alumni representative
Derek Penn, 2024

Trustee representative
Fred Sutherland, 2024

David Bowersox, Vice Dean for Finance and Administration, School of Nursing, 2024
Tracy Futhey, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, 2024
Christopher Lott, Deputy General Counsel, 2024
Rachel Satterfield, Vice President for Finance, 2024

Others (without vote)
Anil Madhok, Advisor, Chief Operating Officer, DUMAC, Indefinite

Term: 2 years

Detailed information about the Athletic Council is outlined in the Athletic Policy Manual here

*Andrew Janiak (Philosophy), Chair, 2025
Lee Baker (Cultural Anthropology), 2025
Doriane Coleman (Law School), 2025
*Elisabeth de Fontenay (Law School), 2024
David McAdams (Fuqua School), 2025
*Manoj Mohanan (Sanford School), 2025
Candis Watts Smith (Political Science), 2024

Christopher Lott, Deputy General Counsel, 2024
Martin Smith, Dean of Academic Affairs, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, 2024
Daniel Ennis, Executive Vice President, 2024


Tedra Anderson-Brown, 2025
*Margo Riddle, 2024
Brandon Harper, 2025

*Ann Pelham, 2024
Steve Scott, 2024

Undergraduate Student Representatives
Jordan Phillips, 2024
Brandon Hersh, 2024

Graduate Student Representatives
Peyton Barrish, 2024

Student-Athlete Advisory
*Piper Hampsch, 2024
Job Trahan, 2024

Club Sports
Ryan Chen, 2024

Ex-Officio Members
*Linda Franzoni, Faculty Athletics Representative, 2027
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost/Vice President for Student Affairs
*Margaret Epps, (Secretary) Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Chief of Staff to the President

Others (without vote)
Brad Berndt, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Frank Blalark, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar
Cynthia Clinton, Office of Institutional Equity
Christoph Guttentag, Dean, Undergraduate Admissions
Kimberly Hewitt, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Chief Diversity Officer
Chris Kennedy, Senior Deputy Director of Athletics
Nina King, Vice President and Director of Athletics
Miranda McCall, Associate Vice Provost and Director of Financial Aid
Nathan McKinnis, Managing Director of Recreation Programs
Heather Ryan, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Student-Athlete Experience & Senior Woman Administrator
Laura Shively, Director of Sports Programs

* Serves on Executive Committee

Terms: 3 years for faculty, 1 year for students .

The Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) was created in 2007 as part of the institutional structure to guide development and implementation of the Duke Climate Action Plan (CAP). After review by senior staff and the Board of Trustees, Duke officially submitted its CAP on October 15, 2009 to the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. The target date for carbon neutrality is 2024. Since its inception, the CSC has been a key stakeholder group advising and informing Duke’s climate and sustainability leadership. The Duke University Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC), a standing committee appointed by the President, is responsible for making recommendations to guide campus sustainability policies, championing these sustainability initiatives and communicating them to each member’s respective constituencies to foster a more sustainable campus community.

Toddi Steelman, Co-Chair (Nicholas School of the Environment), 2023
Mike Bergin (Pratt School of Engineering), 2023
Nicolette Cagle (Nicholas School of the Environment), 2023
Charlotte Clark (Nicholas School of the Environment), 2023
Marc Jeuland (Sanford School of Public Policy), 2023
Kay Jowers (Nicholas Institute/Energy Initiative), 2023
Rick Larrick (Fuqua School of Business), 2023
Laura Richman (Population Health Sciences), 2023
Robert Swinney (Fuqua School of Business), 2023

Daniel Ennis, Co-Chair, Executive Vice President
Karis Boyd-Sinkler, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Pratt School of Engineering, 2023
Tavey Capps, Sustainability Director, 2023
TBD, Assistant Director of Sustainability, Duke Dining, 2023
Jim Churchman, Vice President, Procurement and Supply Chain, 2023
Carl DePinto, Executive Director of Parking and Transportation Services, 2023
Jason Elliott, Sustainability Assistant Director, 2023
Leslie Parkins, Assistant Vice President and Director for Civic Engagement, Office of Durham and Community Affairs, 2023
Bernard Smith, Director of Facilities Planning & Operations for Student Affairs, 2023
Russell Thompson, Interim Vice President for Operations, 2023

Delaney Buskard, Duke Sustainability Board, 2023
Michelle (Meech) Carter, Graduate and Professional Student Government, 2023
Ariella Chukwuma, Environmental Justice Campus Committee, 2023
Ezra Mellinger, Green Devils, 2023
Yujin Kim, Undergraduate Environmental Union, 2023
Aashna Sawhney, Duke Student Government, 2023

Terms: 2 years for faculty, 1 year for students.

Charge: The Centennial Steering Committee has been charged by President Price to provide strategic insight for the planning and implementation phases of all aspects of the Centennial Commemoration.


Jill Boy, Executive Director, Duke’s Centennial Celebration; Chair
Dave Kennedy, Vice President, Alumni and Development; Co-Chair
Chris Simmons, Interim Vice President, Public Affairs and Government Relations; Co-Chair (ex officio)
Ed Balleisen, Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies
John Brown, Vice Provost for the Arts
Carolyn Gerber, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations (Centennial Task Force Representative)
Val Gillispie, University Archivist
Kim Hewitt, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Chief Diversity Officer
Antwan Lofton, Interim Vice President for Human Resources (ex officio)
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs
Paul Markakis, PhD Student (Pratt)
Todd Mesibov, Deputy Director of Athletics/Administration and Legal Affairs/Chief of Staff
Rob Odom, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Duke University Health System
Vikas Patel, President, Duke University Alumni Association; Member of Board of Trustees (ex officio)
Luke Powery, Dean of Duke Chapel
Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan, Undergraduate Student
Erika Weinthal, Chair, Academic Council
Stelfanie Williams, Vice President for Durham and Community Affairs

The committee is charged with reviewing capital projects that are destined for consideration by the Capital Review Committee. The committee has the responsibility of commenting on facilities and the environmental issues of University projects including the aesthetics of exterior renovations/additions and new buildings. In addition, the committee is responsible for reviewing facilities work that impacts the exterior aesthetic of the campus including landscape, signage, plazas, campus entries and utilities.

Chris Brasier, Co-Chair (Pratt School of Engineering), 2024
Steffen Bass (Physics), 2025
Jennifer Groh (Psychology and Neuroscience), 2025
Lisa Huettel (Pratt School of Engineering), 2024
Tom Rankin (Art, Art History & Visual Studies), 2025
Jesko Von Windheim (Nicholas School of the Environment), 2024

John Noonan, Co-Chair, Vice President for Facilities, 2024
John Clements, Associate Vice President for Budgets and Central Business Operations, 2024
Adem Gusa, Director, Planning and Design, 2024
Mark Hough, Campus Landscape Architect, 2023
Pat Hull, Associate Director, Institutional Research & Manager, Space Information Systems and Analysis, 2024
Lauren Rockart, Advising University Architect, 2024
Shawn Subasic, Director, Associate Vice President, Duke Health Facilities. 2023

Duke Student Government
Ashley Bae, 2023
Zoe Tishaev, 2023

Graduate and Professional Student Government
Christopher Miraglia, 2023
Lucas Lynn, 2023

Terms: 3 years for faculty, 1 year for students.

Recommends candidates for Honorary Degrees to the Academic Council and to the Board of Trustees. These recommendations must be approved by both the Council and the Board for the degree to be granted.

Laurence Helfer (Law School), 2024
Terrie Moffitt (Psychology & Neuroscience), 2025
Michael Munger (Political Science), 2024
Mark Anthony Neal (African & American Studies), 2024
Gennifer Weisenfeld (Art, Art History and Visual Studies), 2024

Grant Hill, Chair, 2024
Lisa Borders, 2024
Bill Kaelin, 2024
Ann Pelham, 2024
Edgar Virgüez, 2024

Ex Officio
Alec Gallimore, Provost
Vincent Price, President

Term: 3 years for faculty.

The University Medal committee identifies and recommends to the president candidates for the University Medal, which is awarded annually during Founders’ Day Weekend in the fall. (The University Medal for Distinguished Meritorious Service is awarded to individuals who have given extraordinary service to Duke.)

Maggie Epps, Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Chief of Staff to the President

Paul Grantham, Assistant Vice President of Communication Services, Human Resources
Rob Odom, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and Vice President, Duke University Health System
Stelfanie Williams, Vice President for Durham & Community Affairs

Craig Henriquez, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Scott Lindroth, Professor of Music

Ex Officio
Terry Chambliss, Senior Director, Special Events & University Ceremonies
Scott Greenwood, Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement and Development
Chris Simmons, Interim Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations
Erika Weinthal,  Academic Council Chair & University Faculty Marshal

The President’s Art Advisory Committee reviews all proposals for outdoor public sculpture on campus, both proposed gifts and potential commissions, to ensure that the university encourages the development of an exciting and stimulating visual environment that will enhance Duke’s architecture and physical setting. All units contemplating the installation of public sculptures will submit their plans to this committee, and the committee’s recommendations will in turn be submitted to the Committee on Facilities and Environment for ratification.

Edna Andrews (Slavic & Eurasian Studies), 2024
John Brown (Music), 2025
Nan Jokerst (Pratt School), 2024
Pedro Lasch (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies), 2025
Nathaniel Mackey (English), 2024
Louise Meintjes (Music), 2025
Tom Rankin (Center for Documentary Studies), 2024
Victoria Szabo (Art, Art History & Visual Studies), 2024

Mark Hough, Campus Landscape Architect, 2024
Kimberly Hewitt, Vice President, Office for Institutional Equity, 2025
William LeFevre, Executive Director, Duke Gardens, 2024
Marshall Price, Chief Curator, Nasher Museum of Art, 2024

Undergraduate Student Representative

Graduate Student Representative

Ex Officio
Trevor Schoonmaker, Chair, Director of the Nasher Museum of Art, Indefinite

Terms: 3 years for faculty, 1 year for students

The President’s Advisory Committee on Institutional History is charged with making recommendations on how the Duke community might best engage with and learn from its institutional history.

Paula McClain, Chair (Political Science),  2023
Saskia Cornes (John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute), 2024
Jeff Baker (School of Medicine), 2024
Mark Anthony Neal (African & African American Studies), 2026
Karin Shapiro (African and African American Studies and History), 2024

Jill Boy, Executive Director, Duke’s Centennial Celebration, 2024
Luke Powery, Dean of Duke Chapel, 2024
Frank Tramble, Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs, 2025

Durham Community Representative
Tobias Rose, Principal and Creative Director, Kompleks Creative, 2024


Duke Student Government

Graduate and Professional Student Government

Terms: 2 years for faculty; 1 year for students

The President’s Council on Black Affairs helps ensure that the University pursues its goals of increasing the diversity of the faculty and student body and guaranteeing an excellent experience to students. The Council focuses on student issues for both graduate and undergraduate students. The Council also shares information about events and activities on campus that are relevant to African-American members of the community, and helps disseminate this information more broadly.

**Deondra Rose (Sanford School of Public Policy), 2024
Ashleigh Rosette (Fuqua School of Business), 2024
Karin Shapiro (History), 2025
Gustavo Silva (Biology), 2024
Kevin Thomas (School of Medicine), 2024
Norbert Wilson (Divinity School), 2024


Vincent Price, Chair, President
Abbas Benmamoun, Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
Gary Bennett, Dean, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Rhonda Brandon, Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Duke University Health System
Linda Capers, Director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs
Shruti Desai, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for Campus Life
Daniel Ennis, Executive Vice President
Alec Gallimore, Provost
Christoph Guttentag, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Kimberly Hewitt, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Chief Diversity Officer
Dawna Jones, Director of the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture
Antwan Lofton, Interim Vice President of Human Resources
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost/Vice President of Student Affairs
Candis Watts Smith, Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Black Graduate and Professional Student Association

Black Student Alliance

Duke Student Government

Graduate and Professional Student Government

National Pan-Hellenic Council

National Society of Black Engineers

Reginaldo Howard Scholars


The Bouchet Society

**Chair of Advisory Committee
*Serves on Advisory Committee

Terms: 3 years for faculty, 1 year for students

The responsibilities of the University Judicial Board are outlined in The Duke Community Standard in Practice .

Sara Greene (Law School) (Chair), 2025

Martin P. Smith, Dean of Academic Affairs of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, 2023

Students (2 representatives from each school)

Allied Health:



Graduate School:

Law School:

Nicholas School of the Environment:



School of Medicine:

School of Nursing:

Undergraduate Conduct Board:

Terms: 2 years for faculty; 1 year for students

The University Priorities Committee assesses university and academic priorities, ensuring that the University’s annual and long-term budgets reflect these priorities, and make recommendations to the President.

Lawrence Zelenak, Chair (Law School), 2024
Ayana Arce (Physics), 2024
Leslie Babinski (Sanford School), 2025
Steffen Bass, APC Chair (Physics), Indefinite
Kenneth Brown (Pratt School of Engineering), 2024
Ronnie Chatterji, Fuqua School, 2026
Amy Herring (Statistical Science), 2025
Timur Kuran (Economics and Political Science), 2025
Josh Sosin, ECAC Rep (Classical Studies), 2024
Betty Tong (School of Medicine), 2024

Carol King, Vice Dean for Finance & Administration, Trinity College, 2024

Ex Officio Members (with voting rights)
Daniel Ennis, Executive Vice President
Linda Franzoni, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, Pratt School
Alec Gallimore, Provost
Scott Gibson, Executive Vice Dean, Administration, School of Medicine
Trina Jones, Academic Council Chair
Mary Klotman, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs & Dean of the School of Medicine
Amy Oates, Interim Vice Provost for Finance and Administration
Vince Price, President
Rachel Satterfield, Vice President, Finance

Gary Bennett (Trinity College of Arts & Sciences), 2026
Bill Boulding (Fuqua School of Business), 2024

Isaiah Hamilton, Duke Student Government, 2024
Keanu Valibia, Graduate & Professional Student Government, 2024

Terms: 3 years for faculty, 1 year for students