President Brodhead

A Message from Richard H. Brodhead

Welcome to Duke University.

As you explore the university's website, you'll get a glimpse of the Duke I know: a place where students and scholars work to understand and address important issues in our world today, where tradition is combined with a desire to ask questions and where a commitment to Durham, North Carolina and the wider global community informs our work in the University and the Health System.

You'll see a beautiful place where an 8,000-acre forest frames a campus of old Georgian and Gothic buildings, medical and research labs, a stunning art museum, colorful public gardens and a soaring Chapel.

From my first visit to the campus until today, I have been struck by the spirit of this place. It manifests itself in collaborations across academic disciplines, the research that changes lives, and a lively student body whose innovation in cheering on sports teams is matched only by its innovation in class and community work.

Once again, welcome to Duke.